What is an Otterhound: What should you be aware of when buying an Otterhound?

Otterhound is a unique breed. They are not easy to find and are different from other hounds. This article will provide some basic information about the history, characteristics, and desirable temperaments of Otterhounds so that you can make an informed decision before getting one for your family. Otters are natural hunters who spend hours on end in the water hunting for their prey. Doesn't this sound like an excellent water dog? The Otterhound is known for his great endurance when employed to hunt. Initially, the English were trying to use the Otterhound to hunt otters. But soon, the English realized that this breed was also great at hunting other small prey.

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The Otterhound is a slow dog on land, but it is quick and agile in the water. The breed has an extraordinary nose that allows it to track the scent of prey very skillfully. It can run many miles without tiring out. It can be said that they are "doggin' fools." The Otterhound is an excellent watchdog. To receive new details on What is an Otterhound please check this website here. There are many stories of Otterhounds that have jumped in to scare away an intruder. It also has the reputation of being "no barker." This breed is easy to train and learn tricks, especially with positive reinforcement techniques. These dogs enjoy being trained and will give all they have to please their master.

The Otterhound likes to be with the family because it loves attention from its master and family members. It makes them great for families with children who love animals. Children enjoy playing with these dogs because it is not too demanding in terms of exercise, and they enjoy having a dog who wants to play.

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Otterhounds can make marvelous, loyal companions. They are known for their calm behavior and are not prone to nervousness or separation anxiety when left alone at home. The Otterhound is known for being an affectionate dog. It is essential to socialize the Otterhound early on in life. It is a breed that can be reserved with strangers due to its independent nature.
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The Otterhound gets along well with other dogs but will not tolerate too much big dog attention from other dogs without excessive barking in return. The Otterhound requires a great deal of exercise and training since they are naturally very active dogs. They enjoy intense exercise, but they are also very adaptable and happy with a daily walk or even just a few minutes of running each day.

The Otterhound does not require excessive grooming, and its coat is easy to keep in check. They are medium shedders, which are ideal for households with allergies. The coat needs to be brushed at least twice a week, and it should also be bathed once every six to eight weeks. Otterhounds are generally healthy, like many larger breeds of dogs.

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